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Meet the Flourish clinical team!


Jill Williams, LCSW

She / Her / Hers

In addition to being a therapist, wife and mother, board game geek, hiker,

brewery aficionado, and music obsessed taco enthusiast ...


I've also had about 100 foster kids, I'm a special needs sibling, and I'm both a perfectionist and chronic overachiever. Yes, I have spent weeks agonizing over which pillows to buy because what if they aren't *exactly* what I was hoping for once I see them in my living room?

I have personally conquered crippling insomnia.

I've written down things that I've already done on my "to-do" list just so I can immediately cross them off and feel that rush of accomplishment. Gold star! Woo hoo!

I've said "yes" many (oh so many!) times because I didn't want to let anyone, especially myself, down.

Sometimes it felt like my life was just one big overwhelming, relentless ride on a stress driven hamster wheel.


Over the years, through experiences in my personal life and training in the therapy realm, I have learned quite a bit about myself and the people we share this big ol' rotating rock with.

Instead of being wrapped up in a never ending loop of "shoulds," I have learned that a lot of those "shoulds" aren't even things that I really value ... or honestly even give a $#!& about at all!

And I don't have to follow all of the "shoulds" if I don't want to!

(I know, that's a pretty earth shattering revelation, right?!?!)


I have learned to keep things in perspective instead of viewing every little hiccup as an apocalyptic disaster. 

I have learned to face uncertainty without dread.

I can unwind at the end of a long day and fall asleep quickly.

I can freaking sit down on my couch on a sunny Saturday afternoon and not feel guilty about it. 


With the combination of my therapeutic know-how and your desire for change, we can work together to create real and lasting change so you can live the life you really want.

Welcome to therapy, friend! You're in good company here.

** Jill works with overfunctioning adults who want to take control of their worry and find some downtime amidst the chaos of working their asses off 24/7. **

** Jill is in network with BCBS and Aetna insurance. ** 

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