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Donna Ratcliff LCSWA Asheville NC therapist

Donna Ratcliff, LCSWA


Being a human is harder than it looks ... not matter what your age, sometimes it can feel like you are still figuring out who you are, what you believe in, and what you want to do with your life. Sometimes it feels like no one understands you or what you are going through. Sometimes it feels hard to just be your authentic self because so many people around you have expectations of you.


"What if they don't like me?" is a really common question that I hear spoken aloud in my office (and see everywhere silently being asked around me) and I am here to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to show up as your true self and to talk things through the way you need to, instead of worrying about what everyone else's agenda is for you. 


You do not have to keep putting on a mask or toning yourself down so that you'll fit in with the people around you. I strive to support you by being authentic and emphasizing the therapeutic relationship, which is essential to learning and growing, so that you can feel strong and confident with exactly who you really are.

My therapeutic approach integrates principles from many modalities (CBT, DBT, EMDR, IFS, to name a few) to fit your needs. I aim to empower you with the tools and confidence to manage day-to-day stressors and tackle the tough stuff like low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. I also enjoy using humor and "real life" language in my practice, as these can be helpful therapeutic tools and will give you permission to say what you need to say, even if it doesn't sound pretty!

I am passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ adolescents and adults and am affirming of all sexual orientations and gender identities. This may be part of your identity that you are struggling with, and I would love to support you as you discover your authentic self! I am also committed to providing culturally informed care by continually seeking opportunities to learn how to embody anti-racism in my practice. Additionally, as a late-in-life, self-determined neurodivergent person, my space is safe for those who don’t fit inside all the boxes.


I provide personality, authenticity, and fidget toys!

Before joining Flourish, I worked as a therapist in a residential care facility with children and adolescents in foster care. I have 13+ years of experience working with adolescents in various settings with a wide range of experienced traumas in addition to everyday stressors.

When not at work, you will most likely find me spending time with friends & family, reading, watching tv, traveling, snuggling with my cats, and getting tattoos! I also love playing board games and video games!


*** Donna is trained in EMDR and specializes in working with trauma, anxiety and depression, and supporting adolescents and adults of all ages. She is in-network with BCBS and Aetna. ***

Send us an email or call us to get started with Donna!

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