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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you meeting in person or online?

     All of our clinicians are offering both in person and/or telehealth sessions, depending on your needs. Our office is located in central Asheville, NC and we work with people anywhere in NC.


Do you take my insurance? 

     Kelly Jean and Tina are both "in network" with Blue Cross, Aetna, United, and Cigna.       

     Jill, Callie, and Donna are "in network" with Blue Cross and Aetna.

     We offer sliding scale session fees between ($125-$175) per session if you do not have these insurers. We do provide a superbill for you to obtain "out of network" benefits.

     * Please note that we are NOT in network with Medicaid or Medicare, and even if your Medicaid and/or Medicare policy is managed by one of the above listed insurance companies, we are unable to bill your insurance and you will be responsible for the full cost of sessions. 


     You are responsible for your portion of the payment (co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, etc) at the time of services. If you do not have the insurance mentioned above, we are considered "out of network" providers. That means you will pay the fee for services at the time of your appointment directly to Flourish and then you can seek reimbursement from your insurance company. We do accept HSA cards as therapy is considered a medically necessary service that is covered by most HSA plans.


     You likely have "out of network" benefits through your insurer and we are happy to provide both an invoice and a superbill so that you can independently request reimbursement from your insurance company. The amount your insurance company reimburses you is dependent upon your individual policy guidelines. Please note that Medicaid does not typically reimburse for services that you have received from out-of-network providers.


     You can contact your insurance company directly to determine whether you have "out of network" benefits for mental health treatment and what their reimbursement rates are. You will want to ask the following questions: 

          1. Do I have "out of network" benefits for mental health treatment?

          2. Do I have a co-pay or deductible for "out of network" benefits?

          3. If I have a deductible, what is that amount? 

          4. Tell them that you will receive a "superbill" and ask how to submit your claim to them directly.

          5. If your insurance company asked what specific "CPT Codes" you will be using, please provide the following information: 90791 for the first intake session, 90837 for individual therapy, 90847 for family therapy, and 90846 for parenting sessions without your child present.


What are your fees?

     Individual counseling sessions (55 minutes) are $175 per session. 

     Couples counseling sessions (75 minutes) are $250 per session.

     Support groups (60 minutes) are $50-75 per participant per group.

     We do offer a limited number of sliding scale spots ($125-$175) for folx without insurance.


How do intakes work?

     Prior to scheduling an intake session, we offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation in order to help us both determine whether we'll be a good fit for another. You can email us here to schedule a consultation.  

Do I need a formal mental health diagnosis to receive therapy?

     If you would like to use your insurance benefits, to be provided with a superbill to access your "out of network" benefits, or to use your HSA card, we are required to demonstrate "medical necessity" for therapy, which does include having a formal mental health diagnosis.

     If you elect to pay privately and NOT use insurance benefits for therapy, we are not required to make a formal mental health diagnosis. 

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