Sarah Hope,
MSW Clinical Intern

She / Her / Hers

As the Clinical Intern at Flourish, I consider myself kind of a rock star.

(My own therapist will be so dang proud to read that sentence. Heck, I am super proud of myself!)

I am so committed to folx as they venture on the journey of mental health and emotional wellness while learning from a dynamic team of dedicated clinicians! I pinch myself that this opportunity has finally arrived. It has been a long time coming and yet it's the perfect time. 


I am in my final semester at Tulane University obtaining my Master of Social Work. I am from South Jersey which developed my quick wittedness, unrelenting sarcasm, and skills in "creative" use of language (jawn). Yet I am also very tender, sincere, loyal, and have a loving heart. I am an ardent force and a sensitive soul. My voice and laugh can be thunderous, and yet I love and require being in quiet, still space with myself and with others. 


I am a bereaved mother, and the mother of a 6-year-old little warrior with a number of medical complexities. None of these conditions define him or determine his trajectory in life. I am simply honored to be his mama. I would say that I contributed to his unmatched problem-solving skills, tenacity, ferocity, and stubbornness (if I am going to be honest). 


Prior to seeking my degree, I was with Homegrown Families as the Bereavement Doula. I specialized in working with miscarriage, perinatal loss, stillbirth, subsequent pregnancies, NICU admissions, medical complexities, and basically when trauma enters the world of pregnancy and childbirth. I have been a Family Advocate and was a consultant on the Quality Improvement team in the local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I have such a deep passion for supporting folx in these sacred spaces. 


Through my work in all of these settings, I have learned that it is during moments of trauma that people sometimes feel the most alone. I myself have known that sorrow and I have heard all of the cringe-worthy comments from well-intended people who simply project their own fears and shortcomings, and I have also felt the sincerity and support that is offered during these times. I am committed to this work and my sincerity is pure. 


In addition to that type of work, I have also had the privilege to work in several capacities with underserved and under-resourced youth populations and their families. From my work as a direct service worker, family advocate, wilderness counselor to therapist, I found my love for working with children, youth, and young adults. 


The youth I work with appreciate the respect I have for them as brilliant beings. My innate honesty, sincerity, and commitment to individuality prove very helpful in working with younger populations. For the most part, what I have seen is a culture of trying to mold the youth and attempt to change them to best suit what others desire, so they can fit into the world. I am just not down with that as I believe the power lies in working towards better understanding of self from a strengths-based perspective allows the individual to see their purpose and place in this world without having to change anything. We explore the self, build skills and develop tools that allow for authenticity, understanding, and confidence.


I find my groove and I know how to show up for others so that they feel a true and loving connection to life. There is deep healing that is possible in this life no matter the suffering.

I love this work where the most potent medicine is connection, listening, believing, and supporting with a non-judgmental heart. It is here where the work becomes rich. 


I look forward to supporting you and your family on your healing journey!

** Sarah works with adult women, female identifying folx, bereaved couples, couples experiencing strain in their relationship, adolescent youth (pre-teen and older), and LGBTQ+ individuals. **