Sarah Hope,
MSW Clinical Intern

She / Her / Hers

You can most certainly can take the girl outta South Jersey but you cannot take the South Jersey outta the girl. This shows up in my communication style. Let’s just say I am straight-forward and direct,

but with tenderness and sincerity. My Jersey self is deeply loyal and passionate.


One of my running jokes is that my middle name should be Dichotomy.

I can truly enjoy being in a large crowd at live music or a cultural event, but I require a significant amount of alone time. I am a passionate force, and a sensitive soul. My voice and laugh can be thunderous, and I love to sit in quiet space and be still. My pendulum swings wide and far.


Working with underserved youth for three years at a United Way agency, I became aware of my passion for working with teens and recognized the power that one respectful and straightforward adult can have in creating turning points in their lives. 


I am currently in my last year at Tulane University School of Social Work. My first field practicum was offering individual and group therapy to youth in state custody residing at a temporary community respite home. I love working with this population, and the youth appreciate my honesty and sincerity. When they feel heard, our work together becomes rich. 


As a result of a life-threatening illness, both of my pregnancies ended in the second trimester. My first pregnancy ended suddenly and unexpectedly with the onset of a life-threatening disease and resulted in my son receiving comfort care and rising into the clouds and stars. 


In my search to mend my broken heart, I sought out a variety of therapies and treatments. I was looking for a lifeline. For me, individual therapy and a beautiful grief ritual led by Sobonfu Some carried my spirit when I found myself in the darkness of trauma and grief. During my grief journey, I became aware of my ability to hold space and serve other bereaved parents. I became a Bereavement Doula through Homegrown Families. 


My second pregnancy led me to giving birth to a Micropreemie extraordinaire, surviving my own near-death birth, experiencing an extended NICU stay, and being the parent to a beautiful child with his fair share of medical complexities. He is my hero!


After processing that experience, I became certified as a NICU Family Advocate, as well as a consultant for an International Quality Improvement Consortium consisting of thousands of specialty hospitals who care for Micropreemies.  


This work is what inspired me to further my education and pursue my licensure as a clinical social worker. I chose the social work track because of my passion for and commitment to social justice and am an avid ongoing learner in this regard.


I am thrilled to join the Flourish team and work with adult women, female identifying folx, bereaved couples, couples experiencing strain in their relationship, adolescent youth (pre-teen and older), and LGBTQ+ individuals.