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Meet the Flourish Clinical Team!

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Jane Argodale, LCSWA

They / Them / Theirs



I am so happy you're here! I know that these early adult years are full of both excitement and intense emotions as you are starting to explore the world on your own ... and trying to figure out "What's next?" in your life. And trying to figure out "What's next?" on your own after years of having people TELL you what's next (or what they think is supposed to be next) can be a bit overwhelming.


It is especially difficult to figure things out if you are carrying a backpack full of family chaos or dysfunction, if you have some trauma in your past, or if you honestly aren't even really sure exactly who you are or what you want out of life quite yet. 


Or, sometimes even harder, you might actually already KNOW exactly who you are ... but you are feeling nervous about how people will react when you start living more authentically.


I love supporting individuals who wish to deeply explore themselves, to understand their core values and identity, and to figure out new ways of being in their relationships and in the world. My goal is to create a space where anything and everything can be said and explored, where old patterns we learned in our families of origin are brought to light and freed up, and new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating can be tried out and experimented with.


In case you'd like to know about my educational and professional background, I graduated from Western Carolina University's Masters of Social Work program with a certificate in addiction studies. Prior to that, I earned a BA in English and Slavic Studies from Brown University. I have enjoyed internship and work experiences in a college counseling center, at a middle school, and as an ACT team therapist. I'm committed to my continued learning and growth, both through supervision and my own therapy.


My clinical areas of interest include providing gender-affirming and LGBTQ+ allied care, psychodynamic therapy, trauma-informed care, and substance use disorder treatment with a focus on harm reduction.


If you are ready to work with a therapist that will provide the structure for you to deeply explore your identity, recognize and break old patterns of thinking and relating, and challenge you in the best ways, that's me and I look forward to meeting you!

** Jane works with young adults who would like to take a deep dive into learning more about themselves and unpacking their past in order to create an amazing future for themselves. Jane is deeply LGBTQ+ affirming and wants to support folx who are learning to fully live as their authentic selves.**

** Jane is in-network with Blue Cross and Aetna insurance. **

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