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So here's the real deal ...

relationships are hard!

Many of us grow up with this beautiful, ideal picture of what relationships look like. Those rosy representations of beaming couples, tender kisses, romantic stolen moments, and happily ever afters.

It turns out, these Hallmark and storybook relationships rarely reflect our own lives. Most of us don’t kiss Prince Charming and ride off into a sunset of perfection.

This doesn’t mean relationships aren’t beautiful. They are! They give us our person so that we feel love and connection. They provide comfort, stability, family, and mean we don’t weather life’s challenges alone.

Healthy relationships are important to survival.

We are human beings and have a natural drive to seek out connection with others.




Relationships are also often a source of stress and frustration and confusion. This is especially true for those of us who didn’t have the best models for relationships in childhood.

Maybe you’re tired of having the same conversation over and over again, or perhaps you notice many of your conversations turn into arguments.

You don’t feel validated or understood by your partner.

You feel like your needs aren’t being met, or don’t even know what your needs are to ask for them.

Maybe you worry because you feel distant from the person you love the most and don’t know how to reach out to strengthen your bond again.

Or you’ve been through difficult times and are starting to notice resulting cracks in the foundation of your relationship but don’t know how to fix them.


If this sounds like your relationship, know that our team sees you and understands. We support couples who are trying to build a strong bond and re-connect during difficult times.

To break out of negative cycles.

To move toward healthier communication styles.

To find that spark of intimacy once more.

To heal from trauma and function during times of sadness and anxiety.


We can do this together.


Email or call to schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation today!

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