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We are so glad that you're here!

Whether you have been considering therapy for yourself, your child, or your relationship for quite awhile ... or something unexpected has happened and you'd like extra support, we've got you covered


The reality is that sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns, obstacles seem to pop up out of nowhere, and it can be difficult to keep things in perspective.

Sometimes you just need a little time and space to talk things through.

The great news is that you don't have to know all of the answers.

You don't have to be the expert in all-of-the-things-all-of-the-time.

We are here to offer a soft place to land. 

We are here to support you as you process through things that have happened in the past, to remain present in the moment, and to plan for a brighter tomorrow.

We know that therapy works best when delivered through a lens of equity for all.

We believe in racial equity and advocate for dismantling systems that have been built

to intentionally oppress BIPOC members of our community.

We support the inherent rights of LGBTQIA+ folx and we strive to be strong allies.

We believe that all bodies are good bodies, regardless of size or shape or ability.

We recognize the intergenerational and cultural trauma suffered by people

who don't fit into a culturally normative "box" and we want to talk about it.

Whether you are looking for support for yourself, your preschooler, your teenager,

or you and your partner ... we are here to help!

Take some time to read about our team and the services we offer, then send us a message ( or call 828-532-6717 to schedule a 10 minute phone consultation when you are ready to get started!

PS: Yes, we do take insurance! Check out our FAQ page for more info!

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